Hey Family,

So let me hit you quick and dirty today. Have you listened to DAMN yet?


If you’re asking yourself what is DAMN, then Damn homie you need to get your life and get on whatever music sharing site you listen to and download Kendrick Lamar’s follow up to “To Pimp a Butterfly.”

Any educator in their right mind needs to listen to this album with and without your students.

We here at CREAD will be giving an in depth pedagogical break down using DAMN in a few weeks. And what we’re asking you, yes YOU, reading this, is to listen to DAMN and if there is a track that hits you right to your soul, write or draw or in some way express yourself and what you felt when you listened to it.


And then, ask your students to do the same. Ask them if they’ve listened to the album. Ask them which songs hit them hard. Ask them if they’d like to share their thoughts, here on CREAD.

We’re crafting our curriculum around this album and want to center it in our students and our teachers realities. The deadline for this endeavor is April 28th, 2017. Please email your pieces or questions to Nafeza@creadnyc.org.

And talking about DAMN, check out this interview with my man David Banner being interviewed by the Breakfast Club on 105.1. You need an hour or so, and you may not want to listen to this at work unless you have headphones.

The views expressed by David Banner are in alignment with my own beliefs.

Enjoy your Monday back to work!

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