Find Our Girls

In past we have put before you the question, ” how are the children?” The recent reports of missing Black and Latina girls from the DC area reveals a disturbing answer. With as many as 34 girls missing, dating back to January of this year and only now getting attention; our girls are in danger. Their young lives are at risk and we may never know what happened to them, although we pray for a very different outcome.

Thirty-four girls missing. As educators that number is chilling. That is a full classroom of young girls that simply have vanished. It is inconceivable to think that a community, city, indeed a nation has no answers for their whereabouts.

missing-dcSo even as we focus this month on the Black women’s accomplishments, our daughters, nieces, goddaughters, and granddaughters remain vulnerable to violence and racism in this country. We see that in the lack of media coverage the true value that is assigned to the lives of Black women and girls.

The absence of these young girls touches every family member, neighbor, and friend who is helpless in finding them and bringing them home. Their continued absence and the risk of other girls being abducted impacts us all. They belong to us, all of them: Chasity, Unique, Heaven, Shaquan, Seyauna, Gladys, Dayanna, Morgan, Talisha, Yahshaiyah, Dashann, Aniyah, Jacqueline and every girl who goes missing.

We need answers. All of our children and students are affected by these events. We see that in the tears of the young girl who spoke recently at a townhall. Our children’s collective fear, sadness and anxiety is real and it is our responsibility to address their concerns and protect them.


For the love of our children…

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