Build Dikes of Courage

Man what a time
to be alive
You and yours
vs. Me and mine
Are we talkin’ teams?
Are we talkin’ teams?
Oh you switchin’ sides?
Wanna come with me?

—Drake “Big Rings”

When this decade goes down in the history books, will you be on the right side of history? Will you have stories that will inspire your grandchildren? Will your legacy be stamped in the hearts and minds of your students? Or would you have sat on the sidelines, paralyzed by fear or worse, indifference?

We here at CREAD pride ourselves on centering our work on the excellence of Diasporic folk, both past and present that have positively impacted the plight of the Diaspora since the beginning of time. Our goal is to destroy the narrative in America of Black Inferiority, which goes hand in hand with the reality of White Supremacy, fimgres-6.jpgor you can not have one with out the other.

One of our many aims is to invigorate the activist educator inside of you. As Paulo Freire explains, “education is an act of love and thus an act of courage.” And when it comes to courage, there has never been a time, in most of our lifetimes, that has asked us to be courageous, as these days and times now requires.

On Monday, January 16th, 2017 we will be honoring the life and impact of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and then, that Friday, January 20th, 2017,  we as a country, will be inaugurating the current President Elect Donald J. Trump. That ceremony will solidify his parties control of the executive, legislative and possibly judicial branches of government. And we’re all going to need a lot of hope and a blueprint for resistance and change.

Since the surprise election results, the Southern Poverty Law Center has been keeping track of all the hate crimes and examples of intimidation that have taken place. They call it “hatewatch.” As of posting time, there have been 701 incidents reported with anti immigrant and anti black sentiments leading the list and K-College schools being ground zero for this hate.

imgres-8.jpgWe, including our students, are all wondering what do we do and what can we do? We here at CREAD, have given you our “We gon’ be alright” plan of action that supports you, the educator, the parent, the community member. And today we add to that, the plan of action for how you support our students. It’s one step. Teach them about the life, triumph, struggles, sacrifices, and accomplishments of those who came before them, those who are working hard today and inspire them to be the next leaders and innovators of our country. We call it, simply teaching them PRIDE (positive racial identity development through education) in themselves and their people.

In our short time up, we’ve talked about people and places that are unapologetically Black  and unapologetically activists from Sojourner Truth to Dr. Marta Moreno Vega to  Nadia Lopez . We’ve discussed organizations past and present that house and spread our greatness; from The Black Panthers and Young Lords to Brotherhood Sister Sol and the Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute. And we’ve (hopefully) encouraged you to reframe your thinking from, I don’t have enough time to cover this, to, let me find a way to cover this.

And so, as we go into this 4 day holiday, which really celebrates the genocide of 90% of the indigenous on this land, while the indigenous are currently fighting for their land , when we sit around our dinner tables and list what we’re thankful for, we want you to ponder one question; what will you do, for you, for our students and for our collective humanity?



What’s the move?
Can I tell truth? If I was doing this for you
Then I have nothing left to prove, nah
This for me, though
I’m just tryna stay alive and take care of my people
And they don’t have no award for that
And they don’t have no award for that
Shit don’t come with trophies, ain’t no envelopes to open
I just do it ’cause I’m ‘sposed to, ni**a!

–Drake Trophies

Yes, we’re on our Drake ish today!

To support our indigenous brothers and sisters at Standing Rock, get more information here. I mean, take up a collection around the Thanksgiving table. In that vein, when you go back to work, get the students involved in supporting the protest.

In solidarity!

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