The Aftermath


Good Morning America!

This is your bed. Now it’s time to sleep in it.

KB: I don’t feel as bad as I thought I would.

CA: I am so sad, not just for the outcome but the consequences that Amerikkka’s choice might bring.  As I watch folks respond on social media I am feeling irritated.

KB: I haven’t gotten on social media yet. I probably won’t for a little while. Mostly because I have to go out to a school in Long Island today and I thought I would dread it but I woke up thinking what about the kids at that school. How harrassed will they be and feel and that I need to be there for them. This IS America and now our children will KNOW for real.

CA: Yes I think that is an important point.  Now is not the time for self-pity but we need to consider what this means to and for our students.

KB: Girl, it means, they now know, the American value system we espouse in our schools, “work hard”, “do well”,and “treat people with respect” MEANS nothing. It’s a lie. That is what others have to do, but not White America. What did Malcolm say, we were sheep?

CA: Exactly, last night showed us that the fairytale about “fairness and opportunity for all” is just that, a fairytale.  All of us who love Black and Brown children must re-examine this narrative and come with the truth in a way that is sincere yet also supportive.

KB: Totally, and as I prepare to walk into a private Catholic with a majority of rich white students, I wonder about the white children, who teaches them? Do we sit by and watch idly as they are reconstituted in White Supremacy for another generation? I mean, I’m not going to teach them, my hands are full, but do they get to just swim in this toxicity? All I can think of is that 66% of White Women voted for Trump. #suchanastywoman

CA: There is so much that I want to say is “revealed” here but the fact is much of this is not new and we have perhaps been in a collective slumber during the Obama administration.  Our post last week, Wake Up! is really our new imperative.  We have to move away from the pointless debates and really begin to define what a real political agenda means for us.  

384865867543bd7efbd0de76e7b5e3b3.jpgKB: I think we’ve been asleep for far longer than 8 years. I’ll take us back to being asleep since the 80’s…maybe the cold crept into our eyes in ’92, when Clinton became President and the economy was doing really good. Where we began to really spout that “with hard work and perseverance the piece of the pie was available to us”. I don’t know. But what I do feel is that now, more than ever, we have to engage in the Sankofa principle, we must look back as we move forward. “Go back and get it!” We’re going to be lost in the wilderness for, shoot maybe 40 years, mostly because we don’t know, don’t acknowledge, teach or engage in our own history. Everyone who is really truly stunned needs a long history lesson.

CA: So maybe it’s less about looking at the political process in this country and more about looking at what is the foundation of this country, systemic racism. Last night is really just the natural result of racism, greed, patriarchy and what has made this country what it is today and always. It is how we move forward in this reality that matters.  I will have to lay my sadness aside and recalibrate my thoughts around the question, “How are the children?”.

KB: Oh, Cathleen, yes, how are the children as they wake up to this Amerikkka? But our own sadness cannot be laid aside. Because they look to us for strength and guidance. It’s ok for us to mourn, and for them to see, we all need space. Today will be a silent day for me, no media, not a lot of talking, just deep contemplation. Because guess what, life goes on. What is on my heart is to ensure that we lead by example, or rather that we provide examples; that we let our readers and children know that we’ve overcome far greater than this. That’s our issue, we really don’t know how great we are and all that we’ve done. But we gonna learn today!

CA: Sojourner Truth said, “Truth is powerful and it prevails” and that is where our real victory lies, in OUR truth.  As we have been discussing this I realize that we can be like computers that require an upgrade to their operating system.  As you have already pointed out Khalilah, for those of us that are stunned we need to upgrade our OS. If you thought their lies would liberate you then you were wrong.


KB: Sistah, you said that there! So, I say peace be with you today, to all our readers. Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.” Matthew 10:34 for all my good Christians out there and for the rest of us, I offer this:

CA: Yes, thanks Khalilah for this discussion. I didn’t want to deal at first but I know my foremothers were some bad women.  My mother has a term she often says in Kreyol that says, “maray setiwon e met famn su ou”.  This means: “Fasten your belt and put some woman on you!” So in the spirit of my foremothers and all my ancestors I am choosing to walk in our truth and act with courage because I 💜  my people.


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