Let’s go far, together.

Teaching is no joke, as we remarked yesterday.

I always say that the only things harder than being a teacher, is being a parent to your own children and committing yourself to another human being. 4th in line is being the President of the US, I think. Lol.

In our current social political context of Black Lives Matter, Trump’s “Making America Great Again” apocalypse, the Dakota Pipeline protest, Solange’s “Seat at the Table,” Ava’s “13th” and Nate’s “Birth of a Nation,” being a  culturally responsive teacher is not only NOT a joke, it’s HARD, and at times it may feel like a losing battle for the hearts, minds and souls of our children.


One of the most important things we believe that a Culturally Responsive Educator of the African Diaspora must do, is build a community with like minded individuals. Humans are a communal bunch, even if everything in our society tries to convince us that we should all strive towards independence. Our natural disposition is to be interdependent. That’s why the saying goes, “it takes a village to raise a child.” And we have generations of children, seeking that village.


Recently, we’ve been blessed with the opportunity to work with educators who are dedicated to decolonizing their curriculum, classrooms and community. The amazing thing about being with like minded folks is that things that seem impossible, become more possible, because more hands are working together to heal our communities.

Our question to you, is how can we create and re-create this group everywhere and anywhere Diasporic teachers and children reside? More specifically, if you aren’t already a part of a group of educators who are focused on decolonizing education for our kids, when will you start one, or join one?

This work is not meant to be done alone. And a community doesn’t need to start with 30 people. Wherever 2 or 3 are gathered with righteous intent, the spirit of liberation is present. So, if you’re for education and liberation, then you must be drawn to community, because this work is for the empowerment of our community.


So we ask you to find like minded and like hearted colleagues, parents, young people, community based organization members and start with reading a text together and discussing the possibilities of executing or combatting those ideas, together.

get fast.jpg

Let’s go far together.

As always,

Deep thinkers only.



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