Woke Spotlight: Dr. Marta Moreno Vega


Happy Friday Everyone and Happy Full Moon!

Did you see La Luna in the sky last night? If not, try to catch her tonight!

On this Friday, we are unveiling our “Woke Spotlight.” This is when we honor those among us, living or dead, whose third eye is/was all the way open.

Webster’s Dictionary defines being awake as to cease sleeping and to become conscious and aware of something.

Urban Dictionary (one of my personal favorites, that’s how I learned what thot meant. Don’t judge me) defines woke as being aware and knowing what’s going on in the community.

Here at CREAD, woke means all of that AND being able to see, connect and honor our African ancestry and spirituality in everything we do; to ensure we use the Sankofa principle to rule our actions and that we enact positive racial identity development through education (PRIDE) for all.


So for our first Woke Spotlight, we honor Dr. Marta Moreno Vega.



Dr. Moreno-Vega has spent her life promoting and linking communities of the African Diaspora. You can read all about her amazing life and pursuits on the Caribbean Cultural Center Diaspora Institute (CCCADI) website. While you’re there, subscribe and attend one of their many events.

Stay woke!

And always,

Deep Thinkers Only!


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