Real Talk: What’s up with Hispanic Heritage Month?

As we discussed with you yesterday, Cathleen and I wanted to engage in a conversation around why haven’t we “really” celebrated HHM?

Being totally honest, we came up with two main reasons; 1. We’re not Hispanic and 2. It happens so early in the school year it often get overlooked. However, we were not satisfied with that answer, so we decided to seek out educators who considered themselves to be Afro Latino to ask them about HHM?

We wanted to know two things: why do you identify as Afro Latino and in what ways do you  or would you like to celebrate HHM?

Peep the discussion down below:


As we said yesterday, throughout the year we will be looking at holidays, festivals, traditions and histories that we either do or do not celebrate and offering recommendations, ideas and instruction on how to make sure we all belong in our schools.


It is during these discussions that we cultivated our CREAD community commandments and throughout the celebration of HHM we will dig deeper into each commandment.

Come back thru tomorrow as we host a guest blogger who makes the case for Hispanic Heritage Month!

As always CREAD,

Deep thinkers only!



  1. […] CREAD Commandment #4 asks for you to remix the calendar, which also requires us to remix our curriculum. And so HHM ends in 9 days but that doesn’t mean that digging into the Afro Latinx identity needs to end. We need to begin to think about other ways to intersect this history into our curriculum, through geography, English Language Studies, the sciences, language and of course history. […]


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